Organic agriculture

The objectives of organic agriculture are to provide the consumer with products that are high in quality by complying with quite precise rules in regard to soil stabilization or fight against the parasites and other diseases, and being compliant with environment issues. To be able to certify that a product is organic, the farmer and the industrialist see themselves obliged to be checked by the organization certifier: audit of the grounds of culture, the production process, checking of the output of the grounds and control of the sold quantities...

Organic capers

Our activity in the culture of capers allows us to obtain an organic certification for our lands. We can deliver all calibers of organic capers, packed in barrels, jars or tins, under the control of the major organization of organic certification. Please contact us for further information.

Organic olives

We carry organic olives, but it is necessary to hold the quantities from the very start of the crop. Not all types of olives are available because the process of certain types of olives needs the use of forbidden chemicals.

Kosher products

All our products are Kosher. If requested, a certificate is available.